Make Hollywood YOUR B*tch!

Happy Friday!

In an industry saturated with talent, getting seen for major projects is getting harder and harder by the day.

Acting roles are being offered to celebrities and names, and here now recently influencers are snagging the covenant series regular and leads.

While having raw talent is vital, we're NOW in an industry where packaging, innovation, and individuality is necessary. What makes you different from the competition is how you achieve success.

We're ditching the post cards and getting innovative. Here are a few steps on how to make yourself KNOWN in this industry:

Analyze your relationships.
The great thing about living in Hollywood is that something is always going on. We meet people, we forget to stay in touch, we miss out on opportunities. Make it a habit to touch base with your affiliates in the industry. Ask them if they know of any upcoming events or red carpet invites you can attend. Expose yourself to event coordinators -- even if they specialize in smaller events. You never know who will be there.

Become a seat filler for major award shows.
Award shows need to fill empty seats to make the theater appear full on camera. While you may not be the center of attention, you are exposed to potentially meeting producers, writers, industry professionals -- and maybe even a celebrity or two. YOU MAY even get an invite to an after party if you play your cards right.

Packaging yourself for a publicist. 
A publicist will help to keep you on the scene if you have the right packaging. Most will evaluate where you are at in your career, and assess if it's the right time to get you out there. Come prepared with what you've done, which events you've attended, and where you're trying to go with your career. Some publicist will trial with you, some will retain at a reasonable fee. Make sure to shop to find your best option.

SAG-Foundation Events.
I say this a lot, but the SAG FOUNDATION for SAG ACTORS is the best resource possible. You're not only exposed to great events and workshops, but you get to learn and build with other like minded actors and professionals. Many are producers and writers themselves. RSVP for these events and make sure to bring a business card or two.

Social Media.
Social Media is free advertising and your platform to be as creative as possible. Create a consistent schedule and grow your audience. Create skits, document your acting career, create a podcast. Casting Directors and Producers are always looking for stars on social media. That needs to be you.

Have fun with your career and remember -- you set the pace of your success.

Good luck, GET OUT THERE, and #bookit.

Let’s go!
Chris Giovanni
ig: @chrisgiovannii