Actors: Here's why you need to move to Los Angeles!

Happy Monday!

I hope that you're all having a productive start to a life changing week. Sorry it's been a while since my last post! I've been attending talent showcases, agency meetings, casting calls, scouting, meetings, the works.  It's been a busy and lucrative Quarter 3 for my company.

I want to touch up on a severely redundant question that I receive on a weekly basis. That question is why I can't (or choose not to) represent actors who are not already living in Los Angeles.  The answer is quite simple -- the roles and connections are here.

Los Angeles is the mecca of television and film. It's where 98% of all industry professionals choose to reside. It's where you need to be if you desire to take your career to the next level.

With that being said, here are a list of common head bangers that I receive whenever I encourage an actor to make the move.

  1. I don't have to live in Los Angeles, I can travel back and forth for auditions.
    Here's why this doesn't work. Say you do succeed and pay for a flight to LA. (usually ranges between $300-500 round trip.) You get out here, you land a great audition, and then it's time to go home the very next day. What happens if you're called back by producers midst your way home? Can you just fly back on the drop of the dime? Absolutely not. Hollywood doesn't work that way. You'll end up spending thousands of dollars on frivolous traveling that could be used towards actually living here. Even so, Producers look for reliability in actors within the vicinity.

  2. I'll move to Los Angeles once you get me work there.
    This one really gets to me. How does that work? Am I suppose to create a hologram of you and present it to casting directors hoping they like you? Yeah, sure a self-tape is great. But eventually you're going to have to come to LA and read for the people to hire you. Until you're in the 1% of A-List actors, you're not known enough to carry that kind of power.

  3. I'll be in Los Angeles for a week, can we set a meeting to discuss management?
    If you're not moving to Los Angeles within a short amount of time after, then no. I can consult you. I can't manage you. If you're visiting LA, your time should be spent attending showcases, networking with professionals, and auditing classes. Management should not be discussed at such an early stage.

So what do I recommend for actors who are not yet ready to make that big move?  Train consistently and land as much work possible where you're at! If you need assistance, contact your local SAG-AFTRA office for the right professionals in your area. Save as much money as you can because Los Angeles is definitely an expensive investment in itself. Don't come to LA green -- know the industry you're looking to conquer.

Overall, you want to see if Los Angeles is really a good fit for you.  Some actors move here and they find out quickly that the market is so competitive, they can't handle it. I've personally had a few clients quit because of this. It's a tough business.

Above all, focus on achieving your dreams and if you market and brand yourself the right way -- your time in Los Angeles will be worth it.

With love,

Chris Giovanni xx

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