Chris Giovanni

Chris Giovanni


Entertainment Manager.
Executive. Entrepeneur.
The guy that gets it done.

Christopher Giovanni is an American Talent Manager, Executive, and Founder of CGEM Talent Management in Los Angeles & New York. Known as the YOUNG MANAGER of Hollywood, Christopher's drive and passion for the entertainment industry speaks loudly in his credits.

Starting his career at the age of nineteen, Christopher has successfully merged partnerships and solidified deals with top industry executives and networks. His clientele ranges from established actors to models, to celebrity talent and many specialty acts. He holds over 50+ credits booked on all major network and commercials aired. Christopher is the Youngest Manager in History to join the Talent Manager’s Association of California.

Christopher is a public speaker and has made television appearances on shows such as MTV's The Real World and Fox's Hell's Kitchen.

It’s all about the presence. I know who is a star within seconds of meeting them.
— Chris Giovanni

cgem charity.

I'm working on a magnificent charity under my brand, CGEM. Please stay tuned for details.