Getting ready for Episodic Season 2019!


Happy Tuesday!
Pilot Season is almost done which means it's time for the industry break!
Auditions will be slow and breakdowns will be few and far between.

NOW is the perfect time to reflect and prepare for the upcoming episodic season 2019! Here are a few awesome tips to help you stay on the right foot!!

1. Review all of your headshots and see if you need any additional looks.
Take a look to see if your shots need updating. It's usually wise for an actor to 're-up' on headshots at least once each season. (Pilot and Episodic) Take away any headshots that didn't perform as well in the prior season.
2. Stay consistent with show pickup updates from The Hollywood Reporter.
Every actor should know which new pilots have been picked up by networks, and which shows have been canceled. The Hollywood Reporter provides groundbreaking updates as it happens. Know your shows. It will help you for auditions in episodic season.
3. If you booked any cool roles during pilot season, add it to your casting profiles.
New season = new footage. Choose your best scenes for your representatives to use on your casting profiles. ESPECIALLY if it's a new show that's just come out. Casting Directors rely on great footage to trust that you can book the job.

4. Make sure to take a vacation and recharge mentally.
It's mentally exhausting having to audition for multiple projects in such a short amount of time. You may have went on 50 auditions and booked 2. Take time to 'recharge your battery' and get back out there when the time is right. You have about one two months to do so!

5. Seek new representation if need be. 
If you are not happy with your current team, make the switch and take meetings now. Ask fellow friends for recommendations, or use to obtain a list of every current agent/manager in town. As episodic season is a time for most actors to build network credits, you want to be with a team who is motivated and enthusiastic about getting you out for auditions.

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!
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