How to catch your next talent manager!

With episodic season slowing down, it's almost that time again for managers and agents to start hunting for new talent. Pilot Season is starting to etch it's way into our minds & certain looks need to be filled on our clientele roster.

If you are without representation or simply looking for a change in team next year -- NOW is the time to start sharpening your sword. You want to make sure that you go into Pilot Season 2019 with the dream team -- the team who is going to fight hard to get you in the room at all hours of the night.

While you work on getting any last-minute credits, or updating your good ol' headshots & reel, here are a couple of standout tips to catch the interest of a manager:

A manager appreciates a proactive client.
When I receive an unsolicited submission from an actor, I would like to see that you have done the work. Granted, you're not going to have access to the guest stars and series regular work all the time. That's especially if you do not have representation already. But show me your chops. Book a nice short film that really shows off your acting range.  A couple of strong pieces can justify calling you in for a meeting.

A manager loves a resourceful client.
Nothing is more impressive than a client who is on top of their industry relationships and is resourceful. Ultimately -- this is your entertainment career. No one is going to work harder for your career than yourself. Create an excel sheet of every industry professional that you know. From the casting directors, to the producers, to the make-up artist -- to the photographer who gives you 25% off for being a returning customer. A client that is aware of the industry is golden.

A manager desires a client who communicates.
The saying "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." is the mantra of manager-client relationships. I personally prefer an actor of all trades.  An actor that can sing, write, dance, produce, develop, create -- screams money and success. We're in an industry that wants everything for less now. Pick up different skillsets to impress managers. Think about it: Why go for the actor AND stunt double, when you can get an actor who knows HOW to do their own stunts?

Stay motivated and remember: everyone eventually has their dance with success. Your time is coming. 

Good luck and #bookit.