How to get discovered by me for Pilot Season!

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday marked the beginning of a very busy season ahead of us. Pilots have been ordered, and production needs qualified actors to take on the series regulars. My job is to find those qualified actors, develop them, and get them in front of casting directors to perform!

As I hammer away at four pilot scripts with my Starbucks this morning, I wanted to quickly go over how to get discovered by me for Pilot Season. Yes.. I’m busy. Yes, my focus is on my current clients. But there are also some looks that I lack on my roster, which is where you CAN get discovered by me.

Now if you don’t have a resume, or you haven’t had much time to get comfortable in front of the camera — Pilots Season probably isn’t the time for you to start. But if you have been working your ass off, getting your short film credits, and working the town to your best — I’m all ears.

  1. Have all of your material together. You should have professional headshots, a solid acting resume, as well as a list of previous bookings that are of leading or support capacity. Make sure that you physically attach your material to your resume. Do not send Google links, as often times — we don’t have permission to view, and we won’t ask to get it.

  2. Know the shows that are coming out. While I understand it’s impossible to learn of everything before it comes out, you should have at least an idea of 1-2 shows that are making it’s way to the networks. Be knowledgable of the industry you want to conquer. An actor that puts just as much research into this industry, is one I want on my roster.

  3. Be SAG-ELIGIBLE and ready to join at any moment. Theatrical is a union market, which means our actors need to be SAG in good standing for most roles, for at the very least — SAG-ELIGIBLE. Some casting offices won’t bring in an actor who isn’t at least SAG-ELIGIBLE due to the compliance with the union. Do your work to become SAG-ELIGIBLE. (Kids are the exception due to being young, cute, and often —inexperienced.

  4. Relax and keep your email short. I know most are feeling the antsy, “I’m not represented for Pilot Season 2019” jitters. That’s OK! The season has just began and there is still some time to get represented. You have to innovate your approach. Create a catchy Subject line to draw in management offices. Throw in a recent network booking. Ask your friends who are signed to refer you to me. Now is the time that you operate with tact and play chess with your relationships.

Be confident in your approach and don’t just sign because you need SOMEONE. Sometimes, No representation is better than having representation. If you’re having trouble getting repped this season — take some time to form your material and brand and try again after the season. There is always episodic season!

With love,

Chris Giovanni, Hollywood Manager

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