The Game of Relationships in Hollywood!

Happy Friday!

You have your character-driven headshots, actively training in classes, and have strong clips on your profiles for submissions. Your talent representatives are firing away on submissions, however there is just one thing — you’re not getting that many theatrical auditions!

You may see a co-star or supporting role here and there, but you’re wondering to yourself: WHERE are the guest stars? The recurring work? the leads in films? What can YOU do as an actor to help further your own career that is slipping day by day?

A successful acting career not only lies in having great talent and material, but in creating genuine relationships in this town. Even as a talent manager, I have to maintain great relationships with casting directors, producers, directors — even make-up artist and hairstylist to secure opportunities not easily made available to me.

As an actor, you have to keep your ear to the ground, know the right people, and make your OWN career happen.

How do you network with industry professionals and build your relationships? Simple. You expose yourself to new events. You get involved with the SAG-Foundation. You engage on social media and most importantly, you leave an AMAZING performance in the audition room so casting remembers you for future jobs to come.

What do relationships have to do with acting? Often times, there are projects that casting directors, producers, and directors get weeks, sometimes MONTHS before it’s released to the public.

Even better, if you know writers directly — you may even have a role written for you in mind! You’re invited to events, you’re kept in the loop which contributes to the enhancement of your career!

Keep networking. Keep building. Your time is coming!

xx Chris Giovanni