How to BUILD your relationship with your Agent or Manager!

Happy Sunday!

One of the more common questions that I often receive is exactly HOW to build a great relationship with your talent agent or manager. Most actors sign with an agent and have absolutely no idea on how to genuinely build a successful relationship. Out of sight, out of mind and then eventually — you’re dropped from their roster.


The key to an effective partnership with a talent rep is simple — communication. It’s a 50-50 partnership that requires both sides of the scale to be level. The following tips will help you to balance out your relationship with your team and further your career at light speed:

1. Effectively communicate your career goals at the beginning of the contract.
The moment that you are presented with a new agreement, take some time to create a list of career goals to send over:

Do you want to book a co-star in the first 2-months?
Do you enjoy public speaking and want to set up a small event?
Do you want to put out a 3 track EP by a certain time frame?
Are you in the first draft of a script? Do you need assistance with revisions?

Communicating your goals not only sets the foundation early in the partnership, but will instantly trigger in your team that you’re serious about making it in Hollywood. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

2. Provide your team with what is needed to get their job done.
Occasionally check in with your talent reps to see if there is anything that you need to update. Headshots, clips on your profile, maybe a new recorded track to help shop to music labels around town. Before pointing at your team for the lack of movement in your career, make sure that you are doing your part to make it easy on them!

3. Be mindful of which updates are worth sharing!
Agents and Managers operate differently in Hollywood. Some appreciate ALL updates, some only prefer updates that help them to do their job. Some great examples of updates to share with a talent rep: New relationships with industry professionals, new updates to material, (headshots, clips, etc.) invites to shows are great, INCREASE in social media engagement, new skills and languages learned, etc.

Don’t get carried away with updates. Wait until your relationship is strong enough with your reps to share other details that may not be as important.

4. Request calls and emails in duration.
Going hammer time on the phone is not the best way to build a relationship with your team, especially for things that lack urgency. Before emailing or calling for advice, gauge the importance of your question. Does it really require a phone call or email? Can I figure this out myself from a quick google search? Be resourceful before throwing in the towel!

5. Most importantly, DO YOUR PART!!!
Talent reps DREAM of a proactive client. The client who goes the extra mile to build personal relationships with casting. That outsources their own auditions. That sets studio time and invites the manager or agent to come listen and provide feedback. We should never be blindsided by anything because we already know what’s in the works. Every time we speak, there should be new updates from your end, and vice versa. If you’re just sitting at home waiting for auditions, that will be your career.

As always, feel free to send me any questions you have & I’ll tackle them!

With love,
Chris Giovanni xo