Turning every NO into a WIN!


Happy Thursday!

So often we take for granted opportunities, that we miss the true lesson of experiencing them.

Sometimes hearing the word “NO” is exactly what we need for our own personal growth. Maybe you haven’t booked a job in 2 months, you can’t afford training, or your agent just dropped you from their roster.

The following scenarios will help you to channel the good in everything!

It’s important to analyze the WIN in every situation.

“You didn’t book the role — next time.”
The Win:
You had the rare chance of performing in front of a respected casting director or producer. Chances are, you will be remembered for your great performance. You will be called back for future roles now that you have been cemented into the minds of that casting office.

“I don’t have enough money to invest in headshots or training.”
The Win:
You’re fortunate enough to have set a major goal for yourself. You know exactly what is needed to help achieve that milestone. While you may not have to funds to do so right away, you will save so that you can align yourself with your career goals.

“An agent or manager declined representation. I don’t know what to do”
The Win:
You know that you’re at least worthy of being represented. You have an idea of how to approach your next meeting. You now have a feel for the interview process, and will make adjustments to improve on your next big agent meeting.

My agent dropped me post pilot season. I’m no longer being sent out on major films and TV shows.”
The Win:
You now have time to reflect on the relationship with your former agent. What were the pros and cons? What did you LEARN from being represented? What casting offices were you exposed to — did you build a relationship with that office INDEPENDENT of that agent?

The importance of thinking positively increases your chances of success for the next time.

Be Happy. Have Fun.

xx Chris Giovanni