Repairing your DAMAGED Relationship with your Reps!


Happy Tuesday!

Life happens — maybe you missed multiple auditions due to an intense work schedule. Maybe you haven’t been called back on an audition, or you’re one of those actors who ‘forgets’ to book out prior to a quick impromptu trip out of LA.

Now that you’re back and serious about your craft, your talent agent ignores all of your emails and calls. You’re getting those dreadful one-word answers that indicates a strong lack of excitement in representing you.

Here’s how to salvage your DAMAGED relationship with your agent/manager.

1) If you have missed a lot of auditions, provide clarity to the change.
As talent reps, we understand that you have to make money. We have to make money as well, which solely relies on you auditioning and booking the job. If you are now in the clear for auditions, explain to your agent the past issue and provide clarity for the solution moving forward.

2) If you haven’t made it to callbacks in a while, call your agent and strategize.
Maybe you need to switch up your training, or work on your strategy in the room. Circle back with your team and see if there is any feedback that you can get for your next audition. Ask your talent representative for an updated list of coaches you can try out. Proactivity always strengthens relationships in this town.

3) If you know you need to book out in the near future, do so within a 2-week span.
THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Talent reps submit on projects weeks, sometimes months in advance. If we know your schedule — this prevent us from having to pull or decline auditions, which then perturbs casting and can potentially isolate us from receiving their jobs in the future. If this has happened multiple times and you still have an agent or manager, call and let them know that you now understand the severity and will do better in the future.

Like most relationships, a damaged client-agent relationship will take time to revert back to stability. But you can start the ground work today.

Chris Giovanni x