Are you really READY for a SERIES REGULAR?

Hollywood — the place where an actor can go from a one line co-star, to a straight to series pilot in light speed! Well, the most luckiest actors, right?

Ask every actor that approaches Los Angeles. Everyone wants to be a series regular on a show. To be known for their craft, to make tons of money, and work consistently for the upcoming months and years to come.


But honestly, is that REALLY a career that you’re prepared for? Have you perfected your craft enough that you’re ready to tackle a series? Check out below and find out if so!

Are you CAPABLE of a series regular?
Being a series regular requires a lot of memorization, time management, and personal skill that extend WELL past shooting a short film. Say you’re on a series with a 8-10 episode order. You may have a week, or even a few days to knock down 30-50 pages plus of script and dialogue. How well can you break down a script now? Are you able to get off-book of 9-12 pages of sides with ease for an audition? CAN you connect with your CHARACTER? If not, you should probably take some time to work with your coach before approaching a series regular.

Are you EMOTIONALLY ready for a series regular?
A series regular comes with tons of emotional battles. While the glamorous aspect of being a series regular comes with tons of press and notoriety, there are behind-the-scenes battles that often take place on a show. Are you emotionally ready to handle a show not being picked up? The potential of being replaced by another actor (I know a well-known actress who was replaced at a table read by HER cast mate from a previous series.) If you’re approaching a series regular and you’re in the mindset of a winner, and that anything can happen — go for it.

Are you FINANCIALLY ready for a series regular?
Before you are selected for a series regular, your team will negotiate a test option or offer for you to go before the networks. Your deal and how much you’re paid is contingent upon your experience as an actress, your relevancy, and how much value you would bring to the role. If you’re NEW to the series regular role, more than likely you’re not going to get the BEST offer possible. You may not get life-changing money. Depending on your financial status, it may just be enough to make ends meet. Keep in mind that the networks will hold exclusivity over you for some time, so you may not be able to work a lot of different jobs. Your life is now that show. Have a business established. Many side ventures such as selling clothes, books, consulting — anything that will help bring additional sources of income is vital. (but that’s a post for another day.)

And most importantly, remember: You are not in a race to be in a series. There are new pilots coming out all year with the influx in distributors. Even if you have to start with an under five, a co-star here and there — make your acting career fun for you.

See you on the big screen.
-Chris Giovanni x
ig: @chrisgiovannii